Our Mission:
Modern, Transparent, Compassionate Service


Let us craft and execute an end of life celebration that satisfies the wishes of those who have left, while caring for those left behind.

I’ve been there. I had to plan two funerals within eight years for my parents when I was 43 and 51. These experiences left me with an uneasy feeling of distrust for the traditional, “old guard” funeral industry along with a sense that the situations were transactional. This led me to create DTE Funerals, and I’ve taken an approach that is more modern and holistic, involving all the knowledge that I’ve gained to help you avoid confusion and crisis at this time.

Our aim is to discover exactly what your wishes are and put your mind at ease as we

plan, prepare and manage a completely customized memorial or funeral that will allow you a meaningful and beautiful way to have closure with the death of a loved one.

Let us guide you through the most difficult and overwhelmingly emotional first five days, where we will advise you on any and all questions you may have. With our dedication to each individual’s situation we provide open dialogue between you and our company. DTE allows you freedom to be involved as little or as much as you want, you can share your ideas, you can use your family’s time-honored traditions or we can provide you with some inspiring new ones.

We pride ourselves on our transparency, and there will be no surprises, and no hidden fees, only straightforward, clear options to honor your loved one. Our background and experience in producing events qualifies us to offer many creative solutions and therefore we are able to bridge the gap between overt party-like celebrations and stuffy, overly formal affairs.

We want to make this stressful time a little easier, a little more comfortable. Yes, there are laws we must abide by, but there are unique and special ways to celebrate the end of a life that we would love to share with you.

Caroline Schrank

DTE Funeral Director

[Down to Earth is great because of the] personal attention and the fact that each funeral is designed to specific requests. Caroline is super attentive. She can make a difficult time very comfortable and pleasant.
— Ellen

 Types of Memorial Services

Funerals are moving toward the experiential. Whether you are planning an appropriate tribute of your own life or planning one for someone else, I am confident in my intuitive skills to help you find healing through this period, and beyond. Based on your specific needs, we communicate freely and then can tailor an experience to reflect what you feel is right to do. It may be nothing like you have experienced in the past, and I’m open to hearing all your ideas. I will not steer or force you into a prescribed, prepackaged service. Instead, I focus more on “gifts to the living” i.e. the remaining family and friends, allowing all to heal and move on.

 You may not be aware that it is possible to have a funeral anywhere (with permission) and you do not have to stick to a traditional funeral home. We can suggest a variety of choices for a funeral, big and well-attended or small and intimate, with clergy or without clergy.


Traditional Or Alternative Styles


The Natural

We can organize a tree planting outdoors, a hiking excursion in the wildness, an afternoon service overlooking the sea, or any number of creative options you may desire.

The Traditional

We will design and tailor a memorial of your choice no matter what religion you practice. We can choose from locations all over Manhattan such as the Ethical Culture Society’s top floor, outside in Central Park, in your apartment or in a small hotel room or a private loft, etc.


The Yogic

We can tailor a yoga and/or a meditation class as part of the service. I have a coterie of expert teachers who can lead a group in a meaningful manner with a transformative outcome. Yoga actually means “union.” After a death, we are forced to unite the two sides of ourselves, the person we were before the death and the person we become after the death of a loved one. A yoga or meditation class helps us reflect on this, and it is a way to incorporate the person who has passed away into your new life and helps restore balance to our internal environment.

The Celebrate Life Escape

We have an arrangement with a beautiful farmhouse in the Catskills that is perfect for an outdoor service in the calming presence of nature. We can organize a two-day Reset Retreat with guided meditations, yoga classes and group healing exercises. Www.floatingfarmhouse.com

Thank you again for everything you did to make this go as smoothly as possible.  Very happy we did it this way.  
— Steph